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ENWHP Newsletter - May 2018
Good practices to develop physical activity programs at work - FITWORK EU-project
Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are amongst the most common occupational diseases in the EU and are significant causes of long-term sickness absences affecting millions of workers. In turn, this results in significant costs incurred both by employers and by public health systems.
MSDs do not appear suddenly, they develop over time when bad work habits or job conditions occur. In this context the FITWORK vision was to improve European employees’ well being by developing state-of-the-art Guidelines for implementing Workplace Health Promotion programs which have a physical activity component.
Final FITWORK Conference in SPAIN 
The final Conference of the FITWORK project will take place in Hospital ASEPEYO conference room (address: Avinguda de l’Alcalde Barnils, 54-60, 08174 – Sant Cugat del Vallès), on the 28th of June 2018, between 09:00 and 13:30. 
Attendance will be of particular benefit to companies who would like to implement a workplace health promotion program with a physical activity component, or who are themselves providers/facilitators of physical activity services in companies and organizations.
For more information or registering 
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Return to work after cancer
In Europe, about 1.4 million people of working age are diagnosed with cancer each year. What cancer survivors need to return to work? How the employer can help to facilitate this return?
The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) publishes recent findings from its project
"European Week Against Cancer: new research on rehabilitation and return to work after cancer".  
The publications identify instruments, practices, policies and interventions that can promote the successful rehabilitation and return to work of cancer survivors and several recommendations are made as a result of the success factors identified in this project.
The findings are published during the annual European Week Against Cancer (25-31 May 2018), in the form of a report, a summary and presentations.
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European Commission's best practice portal
This portal brings together in one site all good practices collected in Health Programme actions such as the joint actions on nutrition and physical activity and chronic diseases, and projects on health inequalities and integrated care as well as the Mental Health Compass.
This portal has three main features:

1. One-stop-shop to consult good practices that have been collected by actions that were co-funded by the Health Programme.
2. Submission portal for all stakeholders that would like to present their practice (intervention, project) for assessment.
3. Information portal about projects and tools which implement the transfer of best practices from one country to others.
(This section is currently under construction.)
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The study assesses the effectiveness of the use of part-time sick leave at the early (first 12 weeks) stage of work disability due to mental disorder or musculoskeletal disease on sustained return to work (RTW) and overall work participation. The authors conclude that the prescription of part-time sick leave can be recommended at an early stage of work disability.
Review of the literature regarding the effectiveness of workplace physical activity interventions in terms of the physical activity outcomes, aspects of intervention design (e.g. length/intensity) and contributory motivators, barriers and facilitators. The research has also sought to identify examples of different physical activity corporate challenges and lessons on how to implement them.
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